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Google Introduced a Set of New Features

The past few days were relatively busier for Google resources, since the company announced a new logo, and after that introduced a set of new features to its Docs, sheets and Keep products. The new features are aimed at helping people make, and edit information in a simpler manner. The most gained audience from the changes is the students, but anyone who uses Google’s productivity suite is in benefit. Read on as we explore the new additions!

Features round-up!

Voice typing – Perhaps the most notable changes brought is the inclusion of Google’s voice typing feature in Google Doc. To start using it, you need to click on the Tools menu, and then select Voice Typing. Google says the functionality will support 40 languages. Gladly, it is available for Hindi users as well.

The voice typing feature will be a boon for people who need to make note on the go, it will also provide beneficial for students and teachers, for class room presentation. Add to this, it will be a helpful inclusion for people who need to make long form content. Voice typing is a nice and fast alternative to regular writing, but the feature is workable if you speak loudly and clearly in a room

Explore – Explore is yet another addition in the Google sheet. It is an awesome feature that lets you generate graphs, and charts based on data you provide in the spreadsheet. It helpfully details and number crunches the graphs and provides you so many ways to numerically and graphically interpret the data. The feature will hopefully bring lots of users to sheets. People who are bad at generating graphs themselves or are poor at numbers will find the explore feature quite nice.

Template Recommendations – Another cool feature added recently to Google’s suit of office is the template recommendation. Before you start working on Docs, Sheet and Slide file, you can choose from preview templates and work on one that suit your working. The templates will be a boon for users who always strive for bringing innovation in the work while reducing on the effort.

These are the primary inclusions as of now. Besides some minor upgrades are also taking place inside Google’s other range of products. It is believed that the upgrades will help scholars and intellectuals use the services of Google.

Thank you for reading this article. Meanwhile; if you have already used the features or know someone who have used it and told you the reviews, please tell us in the comment section.

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