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Google proclaims – Google Shopping Feed Specification update

Google declared through AdWords web log that they need issued update to the Google looking merchandise Feed Specification. This update is intended to produce merchants with additional flexibility once organizing product knowledge, and successively reach additional shoppers.

It’s necessary to notice that a number of the updates need changes to your current product knowledge that require to be enforced by Sep 30th, 2014.

Here’s what new update 2014 is –

  • Mobile landing page – The mobile landing pages can be submitted separately to direct mobile shoppers feed.
  • Merchant-defined bundles – It offers, for example, a Polaroid with extra case and lens, should now be recognized accordingly keeping in mind the end goal to be shown fittingly on Shopping
  • Apparel element – It added to permit more definite depictions of your clothing items
  • Item accessibility – Presently improved to permit a clearer refinement between diverse accessibility states
  • Mandatory char boundary – It unmistakably expressed for each one credit to help the right item data being shown
  • Image and Landing page Quality – Google is also revising image quality recommendations as well as developing a new landing page policy as part of the feed specification update.

Beginning September 30, Google will start enforcing the updated feed specification globally, but merchants can submit the new attributes immediately.

Google persuade all merchants to evaluate the new feed specification as some of the updates will require changes to your current product data.

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