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Role of Apps in Internet Marketing

Marketing in this era of global trading has gone online. Together with conventional methods of marketing like outdoor advertising, print media exposures, and television commercials, marketers and manufacturers are complementing their publicity with online efforts like press releases, social network marketing, and PPC (pay per click) advertisements. Application development companies in an effort to simplify online marketing efforts have created a number of apps.

The significance behind creating these apps is to minimize the time and effort required to communicate with your target audience and increase their interaction period. There are innumerable applications in use and more are being innovated every day. For a user it is desirable to download the most effective ones as managing all is neither required not feasible. For convenience and easier understanding of these applications, they could be categorised into different groups, viz., i) client relationship apps, ii) website optimization apps; iii) audio, video, design, and text apps; iv) search engine optimization apps; v) social media management apps; vi) office apps; vii) analytics apps; and viii) brainstorming apps.

Client relationship apps
These are specifically developed for marketers for faster interaction with their clients. For online marketing it is imperative to stay connected to your existing customers and create newer ones regularly. There are multiple marketing activities which an online seller needs to perform to keep clients informed and inspired. This could be a daunting task manually. Even digitally this is a time consuming job. However with appropriate apps, such as Intercom for e-mail marketing; Movable Ink for sending dynamic content and newsletters; CardFlick for sending digital business cards; and Nimble for managing contact database in its entirety.

Website optimization apps
For an online marketer it is essential to have its website optimized for achieving a high search engine ranking. Without a high rank it is unlikely to be visited, and the entire effort of creating a website gets defeated. These applications are designed to carry out different tests on a website such that it is able to sustain a high rank for a considerable time period. Some of the popular apps in this category are: Browserbite tests your website’s behaviour with 15 websites; Convert helps in creating the best acceptable version of your home page; and Userium tests usability issues of a website before it is launched.

Audio, video, design, and text apps
These tools are meant for evaluating the designing of a website to make it near perfect. Such apps are essential in a competitive environment as your website needs to stand out from amongst a crowd of hundreds of participants. For example My Fonts app helps browse through thousands of type fonts for your web pages; Grammarly checks spellings, style, and punctuations; Dribble helps in getting feedbacks for your web designs; and Final Cut Pro helps in editing videos.

Search Engine Optimization apps

Search engine optimization is essential for any web page for a high ranking. SEO Spyglass tool helps in identifying website links; Plagspotter checks plagiarism which is a serious offense in web page creation.

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