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Three Secrets to Using Google Analytics for Measuring Your Website

Google Analytics is one of the world’s leading analytic programs, and it can offer businesses of any size a wealth of information about the traffic to their website, and more importantly, how their visitors use the website. Since digital marketing has taken the world by storm, businesses are employing various successful marketing strategies to increase their web traffic, such as SEO and PPC. But unless you know the value of each visitor converting to a customer on your website it is virtually impossible to ascertain if your PPC campaign is value for money as you may be paying more per click than you would generate from a conversion. In order to determine the best ROI for the various channels to your website you need to do the following:

1. Enable Goals Tracking

Google Analytics allows you to measure four different goals on your website, depending on your personal business model, one being the final URL destination, such as the thank you for submitting your details or downloading a free report’ page.  The second is the time spent on the site and the implementation of various methods to retain visitors to your website for longer periods of time. If your aim is to get visitors to as many of your web pages as possible then you may consider measuring Pages per Visit to track what content and where is most relevant to your readers.

2. Set up Advanced Traffic Segments

Advanced traffic segments at as filters that allow you to analyse your goal results by the traffic channels in to your website. This will allow you to clearly see where your visitors came from, for example, PPC ad, another website, social media site or blog post etc.

3. Track ROI performance over time

It is important to review a bank of data carefully over a pre-set time period in order to discover which traffic source generates the most leads and conversion as this will highlight where you need to pour your efforts and investment. Google Analytics does this brilliantly and even allows you to split down into your custom segments so that you can gauge the channel that offers the most profitable ROI.

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